UBNL Outreach

UBNL is proud of our continued efforts to give back to the community through STEM outreach.

Below are some of our efforts from the last year. If you are interested in joining UBNL in its

outreach activities, please contact us.

Summer 2017:

  • UBNL participated in the UB STEM Camporall by conducting STEM themed

activities and speaking to scouts about STEM at UB

Summer 2016:

  • UBNL staff participated in “Little bits” outreach at the Nichol’s middle school in

conjunction with Dr. Batalama’s wireless communications lab. Students learned basic

electronics skills

  • 5 city honors interns Hakeem, Laura, Isabella, Elizabeth, and Kelsey worked for UBNL

on various subsystems in Summer 2016. They learned basic engineering skills.

  • UBNL students worked through the BEAM to mentor interns in STEM related activities

during the Summer 2016

  • GLADOS Chief Engineer gave a tour of UBNL to several high school girls through the

TINKER program. She spoke about getting involved in STEM and her perspective on

woman in engineering


Fall 2015 and Spring 2016:

  • GLADOS Chief Engineer and PI Dr. John Crassidis attended a women in STEM event at

Cobham Mission Systems

  • 1 sacred heart intern (senior) Sam Zilliox joined our integration and testing team from

November to her graduation from Sacred Heart in June 2016. Sam has continued her

work at UBNL as a UB student.

Winter Break 2015:

  • GLADOS Program Manager Seamus Lombardo gave presentation on UBNL to Physics,

science research, and engineering classes at Nanuet Senior High School. The

presentation gave overview of GLADOS, and discussed how to get involved in STEM

opportunities in college and how to obtain STEM internships.