Electrical-Ground Support Equipment

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One of the key components of a satellite is called the Electrical Ground Support Equipment, or EGSE for short. This device is responsible for testing all parts of the satellite before it’s integrated into the rocket, and is a pretty advanced piece of equipment. As an engineer working on the EGSE, your responsibilities will include designing voltage regulating or current limiting power buses, which are used to power components of the EGSE, and to simulate a solar panel input to the satellite. You’ll be responsible for designing circuits that monitor Resistive Temperature Detectors (RTD), which includes voltage dividers and analog to digital converters. Some minor programming experience, too, will be used, as you’ll be using an Arduino to read values from the satellite.

If you’re looking for hands-on hardware experience, from soldering to assembling parts, but are also interested in minor programming adventures, the Electrical Ground Support Engineer is the position for you. Training will be provided, and those interested without prior experience should still apply.

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