Research Recognized by Aerospace Industry

UBNL’s research continues to be recognized by the aerospace industry. Recently, our software lead Andrew Tennenbaum had his paper “Automatic Star Tracker Optimization Framework” accepted as a finalist in the student competition at this year’s Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah. This spring, GLADOS program manager Seamus Lombardo also got to present his research, “A […]

Featured in Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine

UBNL and all three of its missions were featured in the April/May issue of the Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine! Check out the link here:

Record Number of Lab Members Obtain Internships

Congratulations to the 20+ lab members who have taken internships, co-ops, or research opportunities this summer! Coast to coast, they will be working at Google, NASA, the Air Force Research Lab, Moog, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Draper Labs, Raytheon, and more!

GLADOS May Status Review

Congratulations to the GLADOS team on a successful May Status Review (MSR) with the Air Force in May! It was a great way to cap off all the progress that our team made this semester.  

SORA PMR (Program Management Review) in Utah

The SORA Team recently had a successful Program Management Review in Utah this summer while attending the Small Satellite Conference.  The Review was held by the Air Force Research Laboratory, and included several Industry Professionals.  Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done!

SmallSat Student Publication Selection

Seamus Lombardo took second place at the student competition at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah this summer with his paper, “A Low-Cost Method for Reaction Wheel Torque Characterization in Small Satellites”. A copy of his award winning paper is available here!

Small Sat Student Publication

Congratulations to our lab member, Seamus Lombardo! His paper, “A Low-Cost Method for Reaction Wheel Torque Characterization in Small Satellites” is one of six finalists chosen by a panel of judges from NASA, academia, industry, and the military to be presented at the annual Small Satellite Conference on August 10th. We’re proud that the novel […]

Ground Station Barn Raising!

Earlier today our ground station finally went up! The tower has been raised, the rotor mounted, and it will all be functional in the very near future! Thank you to everyone who came out to help with this effort!

UBNL Summer Internship Class of 2016

Wondering how beneficial the UNBL experience can be? We are extremely proud to announce out largest summer internship class to-date! Over twenty of our lab members will be going to internships or jobs across the country and working in many different fields from aerospace and mechanical engineering to computer science and environmental studies.  We wish […]