Thermal Training Session

The first thermal training familiarized personnel with the functionality and style of ANSYS Workbench 16.0. ANSYS’s benefits and limitations were discussed and demonstrated, followed by having members practice using its geometry design tools.

To ease new members into the thermal analysis toolkit, they designed a simple 1x1x1 m cube and imported it into the steady-state analysis template. The importance of distinguishing heat flux (energy per unit area) from heat flow (energy) was discussed, as well as radiation properties such as emissivity and absorption. Using this basic knowledge, members applied a heat flux to the top surface of the cube and a radiation of varying emissivity to all surfaces. Finally, members solved the analysis for a temperature distribution and discussed their results. Further training sessions will include: an in-depth discussion of material properties and their relevance to heat transfer (session 2), derivation and practice applying heat flux equations (session 2), steady-state thermal analysis with internal power generation, complex steady-state analysis with internal power generation, multiple heat fluxes, and multiple materials, and work sessions on the full satellite model leading up to individual analysis work. It is a goal to address conceptual heat transfer within each session, to better give members an understanding of what they are accomplishing.