Saturday Workshop: PCB Design

On Saturday 1/30/2015 Brian held a PCB design class which was open to all team members.  Student were introduced to DipTrace, then led through the basics of creating a schematic.  Topics discussed included working with parts libraries, connecting components, defining custom components and PCB patterns based on manufacturers’ datasheets, and managing design complexity to catch errors early.

The students are working on designing a GPS radio tracker that will be tested on a high altitude balloon flight later this semester, then potentially used to track a larger payload on another balloon flight around the end of the semester.

The event had a great showing and a second class will be held next weekend 2/6/2016 at 1PM in Lockwood B20. They will be finishing off the schematic and starting to lay out the circuit board, eventually working towards exporting the designs  for manufacturing and the actual process of getting the CAD turned into a piece of copper and fiberglass.


IMG_0015  IMG_0018 IMG_0014