Shea Lombardo

Majors: Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Current year: Senior
Position: GLADOS Program Manager

The exploration of space is something that has captivated me ever since I was little. Science fiction was something that always captured my imagination, and I loved to learn about the real-life exploration efforts of space agencies around the world. I transferred into Aerospace Engineering at UB the second semester of my freshman year, and within a couple weeks had joined the Attitude Determination and Control (ADC) subsystem of UBNL. I enjoyed ADC because it was an interesting and advanced area that I have never been exposed to before. My first major project was the development of our sun sensor system. Then, after I became co-lead of ADC, I worked on the testing of our sensors and actuators. After an internship at Millennium Space Systems in Summer 2015, and another internship at SpaceX in Fall 2015, I became the program manager of GLADOS. In addition to working with UBNL, I have also interned at NASA Goddard and am currently a Pathways Intern at NASA Langley Research Center. I am very excited about the final push towards GLADOS’s 2019 launch and the continued growth and development of UBNL. In the future I want to work as an Aerospace Engineer with the goal of increasing access to space and establishing a human presence throughout the solar system.