Rachel Suitor

Major: Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics
Current year: Junior
Position: SORA Chief Engineer

Math has always been my favorite subject because I love logic and problem solving. I have also always enjoyed hands-on activities, especially woodworking projects that I did with my dad as a kid. As an aerospace engineering major and through my involvement with UBNL I am combining my interests and skills. I joined UBNL at the very beginning of freshman year as part of the Integration and Testing subsystem for GLADOS. There I learned to solder electrical components and build a wiring harness. When I became the Integration Lead for GLADOS I got a better feel for the overall design of the satellite and team as a whole. I’m now the Chief Engineer for our new satellite, SORA. My other interests include sailing, playing guitar and cello, and reading science fiction and fantasy novels. In the future I’d like to work in the aerospace industry on designing and building spacecraft and satellites.