Olivia Gustafson

Major: Aerospace Engineering
Current year: Senior
Position: Program Manager

I joined UBNL as a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student looking to get hands-on experience. After a semester, I was hooked; I decided it was “space or bust” for me and switched my major to Aerospace Engineering. I worked with the structures, thermal, and integration & testing subsystems until I became the GLADOS Testing Lead. Being a Testing Lead allowed me to interact with each subsystem and learn how they function in order to develop test plans and procedures. It gave me invaluable systems knowledge. Then, I was selected to be the Program Manager of LinkSat. UBNL has been the most challenging, yet rewarding experience I’ve had as a student at UB, and I hope that the future generation carries the torch and sends these satellites into space.
In addition to the work I’ve done with UBNL, I’ve worked in an aerodynamics research lab here at UB, and interned at NASA Goddard. Right now, I’m also working as the Engineering Coordinator for the Undergraduate Student Association, and I hope to pursue a career in the aerospace industry after I graduate.