Ian Desjardin

Majors: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Physics
Minor: Math
Current year: Junior
Position: Chief Engineer

Ever since I was little – I always dreamed of zooming around in a spaceship. I originally came to UB not entirely sure of what I wanted to do. I picked aerospace engineering because I liked math and space sounded cool. Very soon afterwards, I joined the I&T subsystem at UBNL. I worked on testing radios to make sure that they worked correctly. Since then it has been two years, and I’ve since become the chief systems engineer on GLADOS. I’m excited to see help move this project out UB’s door and see the day when GLADOS flies. I plan on working in next generation spacecraft research. I have already worked in two additional labs, the Plasma Dynamics Modeling Lab at Texas A&M working on in-space Hall effect ion propulsion simulation, and at the Control Automation Laboratory at UB working on image processing systems for robotic applications. In the future – I plan on going to graduate school in applied physics or aerospace engineering to continue pushing the envelope.