Aaron Schwab

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current year: Senior
Position: Chief Engineer

“Do you want to go to space?” was the poster that caught my eye walking through UB during my second week of college. My first thought was “yeah, I do actually, thanks for asking.” I’ve always wanted to be a part of a great adventure, and with UBNL I get to. I decided to study mechanical engineering because it’s the broadest of the engineering fields and lets me touch what I’m designing. That drove me to start working on Integration and Testing for GLADOS as soon as I could. As Chief Engineer of LinkSat I get to directly drive space development, and I couldn’t be prouder of what this lab has done.

Currently I’m working at UB’s medical campus as a Project Engineer Intern for LPCiminelli. In the future I’d like to see space be made widely accessible to the public, and plan to work in the space industry.