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Who We Are

We are a group of undergraduate and graduate students that work with the Air Force Research Lab, NASA, and Moog, Inc. to build satellites from concept to launch.






From PCB layouts of power systems, to the external structure of the satellite, students of UBNL are responsible for designing it all. Our designs then undergo various testing procedures to ensure they can survive the flight up to, and the cold depths of, space.

Build & Program


Throughout the designing and programming phase, the satellite is built and disassembled numerous times to ensure we’re on track. We write our own software for both the satellite and the ground, and create our own wiring harnesses, solder components to our custom-made PCBs, and mill the structures ourselves.



Once all of our designing, programming, and testing is complete, we can start the assembly of the actual satellite. Once integration is complete, we hand off the satellite to a launch vehicle, and off it goes! Our first satellite, GLADOS, is scheduled to launch in 2018.

Our Team


Research Recognized by Aerospace Industry

UBNL’s research continues to be recognized by the aerospace industry. Recently, our software lead Andrew Tennenbaum had his paper “Automatic […]

Featured in Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine

UBNL and all three of its missions were featured in the April/May issue of the Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine! […]

Record Number of Lab Members Obtain Internships

Congratulations to the 20+ lab members who have taken internships, co-ops, or research opportunities this summer! Coast to coast, they […]

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